Writing and Setbacks


Let’s talk about setbacks. We all have them at some point or another, and if you are among the fantastically blessed never to have experienced one, you must be a character in a mediocre novel or on a saccharine sitcom.

In which case, empathy is also a thing.

For me — and probably millions of other USAsians, as some of our friends abroad like to call us — ours came in the form of an orange menace in November, a plague of cruelty and fascism that, while plain to many of us at the time, is making itself plain to everyone else. Thoughts of the possible destruction from that plague were all-consuming.

Let’s be honest. They still are. Especially given talk of “diplomacy failures” with North Korea, by someone who’s been practicing diplomacy for all of two weeks.

But as usual, I digress.

I’d been consistent with my blogging until then, was making progress on new writing projects, and then that cosmic knee to the solar plexus. Yikes.

It took a while to catch my breath. I’d say I’m still gasping,

And that’s OK.

If you fall down, and then chastise yourself for falling down, you’re not really doing much about getting back up again, are you?

It’s OK to do it one knee at a time. It’s OK to do things differently after hitting the dirt. In fact, it’s probably better, because the dirt is full of lessons.

And creepy-crawly things and bacteria, but I think I’ve just reached that point in the blog where my metaphor gets away from me.

We’re all trying to figure out how to exist in this new reality. All of us.

And sometimes our new realities aren’t because of global phenomena. Sometimes our reality changes far closer to home, far more immediately. Sometimes we change.

But it doesn’t mean we have to quit. A pause is not an end.

It’s just a pause.

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