#AtoZChallenge Wrap-Up and #MAYKingItWork


Yes, this post should have gone up yesterday, but I was a little blogged out. Another A to Z Challenge done, and it was a fun one this year. I didn’t really mind the lack of the list once we got used to it, but I also was a terrible, terrible slacker when it came to my visits.

But I will find you all. Who says all visits must be only in the month of April?

This year’s challenge spawned a new idea: #MAYkingItWork. We pick an unfinished manuscript of any type and commit to it for the month of May. Are you in?

I’ve got two candidates at the moment, so I have to make a final decision. Let’s say we reflect, go through our potential choices, and decide by Friday? No pressure, really, just support and encouragement.

So thanks to everyone who came by and visited this month, it’s been so much fun sharing April with you, and I hope to see you around often.

Have a dusty, unfinished manuscript you need to work on? Join us in May for #MAYkingItWork! Commit to a project and commiserate with us!

Check out  my full-length novels: 

Aunty Ida’s Full-Service Mental Institution (by Invitation Only)   

Aunty Ida’s Holey Amazing Sleeping Preparation (Not Doctor Recommended) 

 Her Cousin Much Removed

 The Great Paradox and the Innies and Outies of Time Management.

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6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Wrap-Up and #MAYKingItWork

  1. debscarey

    Funny, I’ve bashed out & scheduled two blog posts today. I think having mine done in advance meant I was ready – in fact positively desperate – to get blogging rather than reading/commenting. I was even considering visiting Chuck Wendig for a bit of Friday flash fiction! But I shall try to focus on my MAYkingitwork project, to outline that damn book! As you say, I just have to decide which WIP it’ll be 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! 🙂 This should probably be more structured, but structured doesn’t always work, I think…

      That’s great you’re a blogging MACHINE!! I’ve had a migraine for the last two days, it went away last night, but returned today because someone is hammering. Incessantly.


      I will try to steal a little bit of your oomph 😉


      • debscarey

        Steal away!

        I think it’s rather more to do with the fact that we had a long weekend this one past and I added an extra day to turn it into a four-day weekend. It was bliss! Afternoon tea in London, gorgeous curry lunch at fave Indian restaurant on Sunday, and just lazing around the rest of the time.

        Liked by 1 person

      • That sounds lovely! I wish I was that close to London 😉 It’s like you had a miniature vacation. And it did you some good!

        I am taking my vacations in a cup right now, coffee is my rest-substitute. It’s nearly as good! (It isn’t.)


  2. After you brought up this making it work idea earlier, I’ve been pondering a rewrite of a short story that needs a lot of work. So yes, let’s do this. 🙂

    Congratulations on making it through the challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

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