#MAYkingItWork: The End


So here we are at the very, very end of May. I’m happy to report I have, at least, touched my intended manuscript. I’ve finished one chapter (I’d left off without it done) and started another. Success!


Though to be fair, the spirit of #MAYkingItWork was really always about facing that project that has irked you, and for any of us that have done that, no matter how much or how close to completion, May is a win. I’ve delved back into the manuscript and surprised myself. It’s funny. It’s got a concept.

And Aunty Ida is ready for another book.

So how about you, my intrepid blogging friends? Do you feel you pulled back the curtain and faced the music in the mirror or whatever mixed metaphor you prefer?

I’ve had a bit of an unusual May, changes ahead, irresistible opportunities I couldn’t let slide. Priorities are what they are, and every day we choose, one way or another.

So maybe your #MAYkingItWork project couldn’t be the top of your heap. It really didn’t make it to the top of mine.

But it was IN the heap. And I’ll take that as a victory.

Have a dusty, unfinished manuscript you need to work on? Join us in May for #MAYkingItWork! Commit to a project and commiserate with us!

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4 thoughts on “#MAYkingItWork: The End

  1. @breakerofthings

    Yes, hmmm, well… No progress on what I set out to do, but I have started a new notebook system for blog posts/short stories/other projects and written other stuff (including #MAYkingAStart on the post based on my #pint17 talk, that someone was very insistent that I write…).

    And isn’t that the true meaning of #MAYkingItWork?

    (Well done, BTW).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Though not as much as I’d have liked, but really, it is. It’s about moving forward, however it looks and whatever shape it takes. So good job!

      Also I have no idea who that someone is, but she sounds smart.


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