The Work of Writing Three: Tuesday


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Not really spring and not quite summer, my allergies have me sneezing up a storm. Hmm. That would be a very interesting superpower.

Pretty inconvenient, I would say.

Oops. Sorry. Lost me for a second, thinking of sneeze-storm contingencies. It probably goes without saying I’d always need an umbrella, and my signature superhero outfit would involve a yellow rain slicker.

But I digress.

There’s a spider inside my window, and I’ve decided we can try to peacefully coexist. I’m pretty sure it’s not poisonous.

Pretty sure.

In other words, it’s Tuesday, and my list is laid out before me, step-by-step, cross-out-line by cross-out-line. It’s a mechanical day of writing.

I don’t mean rote (wrote?! You know I can’t resist a pun), but I mean nitty-gritty. I mean swaths of microscopic editing, pondering a comma, trying on synonyms like outfits for a hot date.

Some writing is done in a glowing haze of inspiration, a place I like to call Inside the Bubble, where you disappear through a door in your mind and suddenly discover yourself hundreds of words down the road. But that’s only some writing.

The shape, the structure, the weight and meaning come from the Tick-Tock Days, the days of filing down the gears until they all groove together. Inside the Bubble is the romance.

Tick-Tock Days are the marriage.

Hey, did you see a real-life scientist scienced Aunty Ida?

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