Close only counts in horseshoes and epiphanies


Caspar David Friedrich [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Leaning against my refrigerator door, my feet finding the remaining sticky spot on the floor I missed when my plastic bowl of cut melon decided to shuffle off this mortal fridge coil, I had an epiphany.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

I wanted to have an epiphany. It felt like a good moment for an epiphany, the fibers of my sock scruffing like velcro as moved away. But I don’t lie to you, hypothetical reader, so I admit my only real thoughts were this post and cleaning the floor.


But it was one of those moments, I’m sure you know the kind. when it feels like there’s something dangling just beyond your mental fingertips, something so close but not quite here yet. I cannot pick out the shapes in the mist, but the wind has shifted.

The wind has shifted.

And the sun will burn off the rest.

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