Productivity. Probably.


Healthcare still isn’t safe. Please call your members of Congress — start with your Senators, and then your Representative — to stop the repeal of the ACA. You might save a life.


So yes, right, productivity. Hard to be productive when you’re thinking about a future where you can’t get health insurance, but while the Senate throws itself at various forms of the tax-cut bill euphemistically called healthcare, hoping for just one to stick like a limp, poisonous strand of spaghetti, the planet still turns.


We all have other things to do, except, of course, the Senate, who could keep doing this until we are gone and the earth is gone and the people who want the tax cuts are gone. See how easy it is to be sidetracked?

My go-to is the to-do. List, that is. Something about crossing things off, one by one, that I find satisfying. But I always have that one task.

You know that task.

It’s the minor thing, that one little thing, that keeps getting carried from day-to-day. It’s never important; the important things get priority.

But it stares at you And the more it stares at you, the bigger it gets. The more difficult it looks. The longer you feel it’s going to take.

Well, I did mine this morning. All told, it probably took under 10 minutes. Now I dare you to do yours.

Right after you call your Senator.

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