There is Magic in Your Phone


So much deliberate, calculated cruelty coming from our own government right now. I don’t know about you, friends, but I’m finding it oppressive.

Very oppressive.

And yet I’ve managed to stick to my writing schedule this week. Which isn’t exactly easy, given where my mind is, but I’ve persevered using my old standby trick.

My timer.

No matter what is going on, when you set that timer, you’ve got to put your shoulder into whatever task needs attention. The timer creates a window; the timer is a demarcation. The timer says “this is what I’m doing now.”

And I’ll tell you something interesting.

Even when it’s been difficult this week to drag my head away from blatant bigotry against our fellow Americans, away from the question of what will happen to the millions upon millions — including me — served by the ACA, once that timer starts, I’m in the multicolored world of my imagination.


I know we’re tired. I know it’s tough to have the same argument for months on end, to feel as though you’re talking to heartless stone walls.


We can hone our priorities. And we can get things done.

Including the big things.

Now set your timers and call your Senators and Representative. It’s faster than you think.

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