Even the lemurs know it’s Friday


Well, one way or another, we’ve made it to Friday. It’s been a rough-and-tumble week, the kind with relentless stresses coming at us in battalion waves.

I miss the days when we didn’t have to worry about things we never even thought to worry about. Alas.

Here we are, on the other side of the stretch. We still have healthcare — for now — but the cracks in our democracy have widened to chasms that let the darkness through.


I’ve had a bit of a productivity experiment this week, and I’ve kept to my goals, mostly. Today may be questionable, but I’ll do my best.

All we can do is our best.

But I have discovered that even when the proverbial political wolf (as opposed to this metaphorical and literal Wolf) is at the door, you can can ignore his knocking if you close twitter.

And set a timer.

Lesson of the week?: Timers, people. Timers.

Oh, and contacting members of Congress really works.

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