Blogging from Prompts Day 3: Grab Bag!


So this week I’m I’m embarking on the adventure of writing blog posts with prompts.  Today’s site is fun, it’s a “grab bag” of random words and phrases. You can chose any number of them from 1-10. I chose six, and I’ll tell you which they were at the end of the post.

It’s a bit like a puzzle, really, to look at this list of words and decisively choose how to arrange them, where to stack them so they feel clean and unforced. To craft sentences not only around the words themselves, but so that they lock together in a harmony of waves, rather than a tempestuous sea of trying too hard.

You know what I mean. Where the word sticks out in the sentence, a child woken too early, his hair in all directions, not yet ready to be where he is, and he’ll only respond to his first name in grunts or whines.

No one wants a whiny word. Not wedged in a the middle of a sentence where it doesn’t belong.

And I’ve done it! They’re all in here. Any guesses before you check the list?

The words/phrases were:

first name


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