Mattress Mack is the Best of Humanity


There’s so much going on right now, and I have to admit my mind is on the victims of Hurricane Harvey. I cannot tear myself from the images; from the stories of rescues; from the stories of loss.

But there’s one story I cannot get enough of, and that’s the glorious tale of Mattress Mack, a furniture dealer who opened his stores to evacuees, partnering with restaurants to feed them all. He even sent his own trucks out to rescue people.

This is a man with a for-profit business. Not a man with a for-profit business disguised as a church who had to be shamed into taking in evacuees, Joel Osteen. But a man with a for-profit business who did the same for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Want a blast of the warm and fuzzies? Here you go.



6 thoughts on “Mattress Mack is the Best of Humanity

      • debscarey

        I don’t seem to have on Twitter much of late and I tried to figure out a good reason for that … but, no, I got nothing. Except that Himself has a job where he starts super early in the morning and has begged (I kid you not) begged for early nights. So, I’m missing my prime time, my bio-rhythmically optimum bit of the day (or is that, erm, night) and I’m struggling. You know, anywhere between 5.30 and 7am is just *not* doing much for my creativity. I’m secretly praying for a new job to come along soon …

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      • Wow, that is early…I hope it’s a temporary schedule! Unless you can use some of that morning time to write…

        I’d check to make sure you haven’t unfollowed people, and that you aren’t a member of suspicious lists. Strange things are afoot.


  1. debscarey

    I did, for a little while, but now I seem to have re-booted back to missing late nights mode. I shall have to re-programme myself …

    I did do a bit of a clean out a few weeks ago, clearly time to do more Twitter housekeeping though. FB always seems to do similar odd “stuff” which means I have to go and re-set my security settings back to moat, drawbridge & castle walls level.

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