Contemplating Coffee


There is so much more going on right now than this. I know that. Far, far more important things, but with that warning, I’m going to talk about it anyway.

My new coffeemaker is kind of a bust.

I really wanted it to work. I really, really did, but this morning, I eagerly scooped the beans into the integrated grinder, pressed the button and watched as my cup filled with light brown water, a clump of grounds at the bottom.

Not really the coffee I was looking for.

I’ve had this machine long enough now that I know this hot bad-pipes-looking cup meant that the chute that sends the coffee from the grinder into the basket is clogged, so I opened the top to pull out the grinder.

It wouldn’t budge. And when I say it wouldn’t budge, I mean it was like it was bonded to the machine. Which it probably was, with steam-dampened coffee cement.

I tried putting it on the floor for leverage. I tried a screwdriver. I went online, and some people suggested putting the entire thing in the freezer. Hmm.

I finally just left it to cool down and pulled out the old Keurig.

Finally, just now, I managed to pry the grinder out with the screwdriver, using various tools to clean the chute and the grinder itself. I then promptly dropped the lid, itself covered in coffee dust, and thus just spent 20 minutes cleaning the kitchen floor.


So I will either grind my own coffee or buy ground coffee. The grinder just isn’t worth the trouble. The coffeemaker itself wasn’t expensive, and it does solve the K-cup problem, but the on-board grinder? Well, that’s a fail.

You are now free to return to your much more important issues. Or if you don’t wanna, check out my books. They’re escapey, and 100% guaranteed not to leave coffee grounds on your floor.

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