Social Media in the Eye of the Hurricane


Antigua – Harbor Island – South Finger Villas; giggel [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Remembered my post idea from the other day, but with Hurricane Irma bearing down on the Caribbean, and another storm, Jose, behind it, a jokey post about nature feels wildly inappropriate. So we’ll save it for another time.

It’s strange to think as I sit here, the sky a soft Chicago topaz blue, a few clouds in the distance looking as harmless as cotton candy, that a few clicks down the globe the world is blowing apart at the seams. It’s quiet and still, and yet I watch the Twitter feed about Barbuda, the sister island of Antigua, which lost communication hours ago.

Hours ago.

Which I’m fervently hoping is due to a failure of equipment and only a failure of equipment.

Social media has made a small world of a huge world. Now I find myself worrying about people whose faces I may have never seen, yet still with whom I forged a connection across many borders that don’t exist in the virtual landscape.

So these forms of communication can remove us from one another; they can dehumanize and make it easier to say the things you’d never say to a person standing in front of you. But I don’t see them that way.

For so many of us, they humanize. They give us little windows through which we can see that all the world wide, people are people, regardless of language, regardless of lifestyle, regardless of income.

People are people.

And right now, I’m hoping that all of them are safe, well and unharmed.

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