Well, Yeah.


It’s hard to believe the world is still spinning, and by that I mean after Ann Coulter said something rational for the first time in her gristly existence that didn’t make people, as a collective, want to throw spitballs at her and lodge them in her hair. We’re living in weird days.

I’ve said this before, I can’t help but feel the timeline has somehow wandered off track, taking an odd turn into dark, ridiculous territory. Were this fiction, we’d just deus ex machina our way out of it, but unfortunately, reality isn’t as malleable as the worlds we create.

So I’m going to nurture my imagination, such that it is, though it cannot compete with the oddities cropping up at alarming speed, and I’ll try not to feel too bad that wecouldn’t have made this all up if we tried.

Well, maybe we could have. But who would want to?

Yep. Exactly.

For more on my thoughts about Charlottesville and rising bigotry, please read An Open Letter to My Friends of Color.

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