I Think the Word is “Meh.”


It’s a strange thing for a writer not to have much to say, but I’m in that kind of a mood this morning. Maybe it’s the incongruence of above-80 degree temperatures on the first day of fall. Maybe it’s the annoyance that my vocabulary is apparently larger than my spellcheck’s, so I’m double-guessing the existence of words like “incongruence,” which spellcheck swears is not a thing.

Maybe it’s because I’d rather vanish into a world that doesn’t exist than hang out in the one that does, at least for the time-being. The one that does has gotten very, very ugly.

But even writers, sometimes, don’t feel like saying much. Even writers, sometimes, feel disconnected from words.

No need to check WebMD. It’s not a permanent condition.

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2 thoughts on “I Think the Word is “Meh.”

  1. Spell check has a very limited vocabulary so I often have to google my concern over spelling and then add it to the dictionary. We will together educate spell check somehow. Yes, parts of the world have become very ugly. The ugly was there all along, it’s just become so much more obvious lately. Kind of rubbing it in our faces.

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    • It’s ridiculous! I always check, but then it has you questioning what you know. My phone is very, very insistent on bad grammar, I have to watch it bc it will change the right thing to the wrong thing.

      I hope AI remains willing to learn.

      I think you’re right, ugly feels much too secure these days.

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