What We, as Writers, Must Do Now


So I think we can all agree that life is rather surreal at the moment. For example, just saw that Guinness Book of World Records record holder for the Shortest White House Employment in the History of Ever as he Was Fired Before His Start Date (not a real record) Anthony Scaramucci put up a poll so people could vote on how many Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

Spoiler alert, it’s approximately 6 million and not up for debate.

And yet, there we are. He also posted about a Halloween costume where you could dress your child up like tragic Holocaust child victim Anne Frank. Fun, right?

Once again, this guy had a job, however briefly, in the White House. This is where we are now, a world with plot points so ludicrous and villains so beyond on-the-nose, editors everywhere are probably in chronic pain and not sure why.

How, as a writer, do you top reality when reality is coming together like the drunkest story ever told that shouldn’t be?

It’s a tough question, and I don’t really have the answer. But I do wonder if we should be listening to writer Neal Stephenson and focus on brighter futures, no matter our genre. What we need now is hope, positivity. We, as writers, have an obligation to imagine a world where this sinking ship is righted.

So fingers to keyboards, my fellow writers. We have a society to save.

For more on my thoughts about Charlottesville and rising bigotry, please read An Open Letter to My Friends of Color.

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2 thoughts on “What We, as Writers, Must Do Now

  1. I agree that we should see a brighter future. I read a story for my high school government class about a president that was discovered to be mentally ill. No one thought such a thing could happen and everyone was trying to cover it up and deal with it quietly. I wish I could remember the name of the book but it was a LONG time ago. So the imagination has come true and we must write a better story. One where the clean the entire house out and start from scratch. maybe?

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    • Well, we know it happened with Reagan, he was already suffering from Alzheimer’s while in office, but there was George Bush. Now there is no one.
      I oscillate between wondering if all the sheer negativity in visions of the future made this situation possible and wondering if many creative people just saw it coming. Either way, we need to have room to see something brighter.

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