Catch up with All My Traitors, Ep 2 #LockHimUp!


Hey all, I’ve been recovering from that NaNoWriMo madness and a conveniently-timed migraine, but I felt better just in time to post a brand-new recap of episode 2 of “All My Traitors!” This episode, called “Lock Him Up” stars Michael Flynn.

And it’s a good one.

#AllMyTraitors Episode 2: Lock Him Up.

Hey #AllIns! It’s been a while since “All My Traitors” showrunner Robert Mueller dropped a whole-new episode, but wow is “Lock Him Up” worth the wait. Missed the first one? Catch up here. Otherwise, let’s get recapping.

Looks like the teaser was right, ep 2 stars Michael Flynn and takes place over more than a year. You know, that nearly-in-the-main-friends-group character Flynn, the former U.S. general who led the chant of “Lock her up” about Hillary Clinton at the RNC before the election? Flashback time!

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