Time Goes and Goes and Goes


The Siesta, Paul Gauguin [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Small changes can make a big difference. Sitting here, ostentatiously not blogging, I heard a faint noise and assumed it was yet more hammering or drilling from afar. But it was gentler than that. More of hum.

Oh right.

My new dishwasher. My old dishwasher clanked and screeched and whooshed with the “look-at-me” quality of someone trying to appear as though working as opposed to really doing the work. Now the new one, though far from one of the most quiet on the market, is, for me, so quiet I forget it’s running until the occasional hum. One of the background noises of the soundtrack of my life has changed.

For the better, of course, but it’s different.

It’s difficult not to think about change with the new year peeking around the corner. What to reach for in the coming clean slate; what to let go.

For now it’s all just contemplation set against the soft background of my new dishwasher.

Time goes and goes, and we’ve nothing that can contain it,nothing that can alter its course. So all we can do is ride the tide forward.

And relish that new “clean” light on the dishwasher.

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