Maybe there’s enough Birnam Wood to go around


If you missed yesterday’s post, there are two fun writing challenges awaiting you! And now on to today.

Today, a day of warmer temps and a foggy glaze over the world. Sometimes the weather can be far too on the nose. Stop trying so hard, weather. Just be yourself.

Which, come to think of it, here, firmly nestled in the Midwest, a lake the size of a sea completely taking up the direction “east,” “yourself” for weather is pretty darn temperamental. So in that case, carry on.

I can see bluer patches of the white, though, high up in the sky. The fog will burn off.


I wish the same could be said of all fogs. All failures to grasp the obvious. All hidden plots. Which made me think of MacBeth and those tricky trees, marching straight toward MacBeth’s destiny.

Does Birnam Wood advance upon our power-hungry but ill-suited would-be ruler, complete with his very own male Lady MacBeth?

Only time and Grand Juries can tell. But sitting in a quiet mist where you can almost imagine three witches cackling over a bubbling cauldron, a person can’t help but hope.

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