Can a Magic 8 Ball help you write? Signs point to yes.


I bought a Magic 8 Ball. For divination? (“You may rely on it.”) For nostalgia? (“Ask again later.”)

Something in me suspects it could be used as a writing-prompt tool (“Reply hazy try again”) but I haven’t quite figured out how. Which makes that actual answer I just got out of the ball a little on-the-nose (“As I see it, yes.” I swear I’m not making these up).

When you’re feeling stuck and not at all creative, don’t pass up opportunities for inspiration that might be staring directly at you. Like a Magic 8 Ball from Target that seems to be on a streak today (“My sources say no”).

Even a sarcastic Magic 8 Ball.

Writing is, at its heart, about making someone you don’t know understand you or understand a world as you see it. Sometimes, though, you don’t really feel that in touch with your perspective yourself. And that’s when it’s OK, or actually good, to get silly. Take a Magic 8 Ball at its word (“Ask again later.” I told you it was sarcastic).

Will this Magic 8 Ball help me finish the novel I’m currently writing? (“You may rely on it.” Sarcastic AND over-confident, just what I like in a plastic fortune-telling toy.) Well, my response to that is who knows.

But I’ll tell you this. It did help me write a blog post (“It is certain.” Slow your float there, buddy), and for that alone, it’s worth the cost of the dubious blue liquid inside.

When in doubt, play. (“Signs point to yes.”)

See? The Magic 8 Ball agrees.

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