It’s Friday night lights out for me


I’ve never watched the show “Friday Night Lights.” I missed it when it was airing, and put it on my list to watch on Netflix, and now, it’s not there. Unless I pay for it specifically (I’m not paying for it specifically) it’s gone.

Shows like that have risen onto and fallen off of my radar. There’s one right now, “This Is Us,” which I’ve never watched. I could watch it, I could catch up on it, but for some reason, I kinda just don’t want to. But there may come a day, far off in the future when I think, hey, I never did watch that show.

And here I’ll be again.

Sometimes you put things off because time feels short and it’s not worth jamming it in between other obligations. Sometimes you put things off and because you forget about them. And sometimes you put things off because you think they’re things you should want to do but deep down inside, you don’t.

Learn to identify those things.

Otherwise they become part of the noise and clutter of “should haves,” “should wants,” “should dos.” And when you keep up with all of those shoulds, you can miss out on what you really want.

In my case, it’s not to spend $20 a season on “Friday Night Lights.”

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6 thoughts on “It’s Friday night lights out for me

  1. I like Kyle Chandler but not enough to endure that soap opera or This is Us. Have enough drama in my own life so I just watch British murder mysteries that have a strong character base or something very light and funny. I watch so little anymore and so much isn’t worth the waste of time. You’ve just gained hours of it to do something more interesting. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re totally right! So many hours!

      I love British murder mysteries! Also have you watched Mrs. Maisel yet? It’s delightful. Also The Good Place if you haven’t been watching.

      Now any little bits of regret I might have harbored have been erased, thanks! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s delightful!

        If you didn’t warm to The Good Place, I don’t know if you need to bother, it just may not be your thing. I’ve been rewatching Psych lately (it’s on Amazon Prime, as is Mrs. Maisel).


      • I watched all of Psych when it was on the network and loved it. Found Mrs. Maisel and roared with laughter. Think I’m at episode 5 already. Down in the back and have bronchitis so I’m useless to do anything but sit awhile and lay down awhile but neither for long. 😦 I need funny to get me through. I love Kristen Bell so I expected her show to be “less dumb”. I may have a different perspective now. Thanks for Mrs Maisel. 🙂

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      • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, but so sorry to hear you’re sick! Please, if you can, see a doctor, there’s a nasty flu going around and you can’t be too careful.

        I binged it as well, it’s so delightful! Me too with Psych, but it’s been long enough I don’t remember all the details.

        Hmm, maybe do give it another shot then, it’s really not dumb overall. It’s actually a very clever show.

        Take care of yourself and lots and lots of soup!

        Liked by 1 person

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