Monday again, is it?


By John Lewin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. He totally captured my likeness. 

Sirens and gray skies this somnolent Monday morning. Or maybe it’s not the morning that’s somnolent. Maybe it’s me. I probably hope not.

Can a person be somnolent?

Yes, in fact, as it happens, and all the other filler phrases, a person can, but let’s say I am in the feeling drowsy sense of the word, not the causing drowsiness sense of the word. Because that second one is a bummer.

And worry not, hypothetical reader, those sirens were mere passersby in my world, brief intrusions of noise in otherwise an odd kind of quiet for a Monday.

But I have a cup of coffee in a lovely round mug, the kind that warms your hands in all the right places when you hold it, and the good part of a day where outside is simply outside and doesn’t beckon at all.

Time to hunker down, I have a Monday-sized list ahead of me, and I think all of my will is in the bottom of that coffee cup.

Better get sipping.

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