How was the math test?


By from Tiverton, UK (Dark corridor) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

She always speaks to him in a loud voice. She did her best to help him.

Please wait outside of the house.

I just got those three sentences from a random sentence generator, all in a row, and it’s funny how they go together to create completely computer-generated micro-fiction. I got the title for again randomly, later, after I’d finished writing the whole post, but darned if it doesn’t perfectly complete the story.

I suspect the sentences were lifted from somewhere, rather than created by the program. After the first three, they got weird; unfortunately I didn’t save them, but there was one about a blue worm shaking hands with a legless lizard.

Still, it’s interesting that a random collection can feel deliberate and create what feels like a cohesive story.

Wow, does that work?

It seems to, random sentence from the random sentence generator. It sure seems to.

Sixty-Four comes asking for bread.

And we’re back to weird.

I’m a big fan of getting inspired by whatever we can around us. Random generators are great for ideas, names, occupations and, well random stuff. Getting stuck doesn’t really mean you’re stuck; it means you just haven’t found the right piece yet. Try unusual methods to get unstuck.

Wednesday is hump day, but has anyone asked the camel if he’s happy about it?

Very deep, random sentence generator. Very deep indeed.

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