Gray and gloomy Monday


Paul Cornoyer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

From ice to mud and probably back to ice; so goes February in Chicago. A gray mist has enveloped the world, and later there should be lightning.

Sounds familiar.

I’m having one of those low-wordage days, those molasses-brain days, but light molasses because I can just make them out beyond the sticky amber boundary. They’re in there.

But I may need some kind of solvent to get them out.

Coffee, perhaps? Already had some, and tea, but to no avail, it’s as though the mist has enveloped my brain as well. Perhaps there, too, later there will be lightning.

That’s usually a good thing for a writer.

You can’t get more Monday than Monday, and this one feels supremely Monday, despite the federal holiday. Of all days, Presidents’ Day. I think that’s the correct punctuation. I’m seeing “Presidents Day” as well, but I don’t know if that’s style or laziness.

Both, perhaps?

Debating whether I need to turn on the lights just before ten in the morning, the gloom is spreading. And has settled in for the day.

This should be writing weather. Let’s see how it faces off with molasses-brain.

The race is on.

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