Writing lessons from the extinct vacuum bag


Can someone please explain to me who decided vacuums have to be bagless? What was wrong with vacuum bags, neat, self-contained vacuum bags, that kept what you vacuumed in the vacuum. Sure, to my fuzzy recollection they were always full, and you never had a spare one on hand, but is that really worse than the multi-phase, dust-respreading alternative now?

Sometimes there are changes just for the sake of change, and they don’t always add anything. Like those new dishwashers with hidden controls, the ones that look like they run on pinched fingers.


Everyone knows they must have buttons somewhere. They’re not controlled by thoughts.


So maybe the people who invent such things don’t have the right kind of imagination. But as a writer, you do.

Unexpected consequences are really the bread-and-butter of storytelling. From choices your characters make to choices about those characters themselves to the details of their lives and environments; every single one offers the potential for a frustrating moment trying to transfer vacuuming results from the “EZ MT” canister to everywhere but the place that they should go.

Great fodder for a reader; less so in dusty, dusty real life.

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