Birdly thoughts


By Aplaster (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Just saw a flock of geese flying west. I thought they were a strictly north-south species; wonder where they’re going. Maybe there’s a sale somewhere on something geese like.

I assume geese are very frugal.

They’re also pretty mean, and remind me very much of their dinosaur ancestors. If you watch them, you can almost see them, morphed, larger, feathered but less feathered. Perhaps their meanness is a remnant of all that they’ve lost; perhaps they know that that once they were mighty and ferocious. Now all they pack is a mighty mean peck.

And hiss. That hiss isn’t exactly cuddly.

Speaking of long-lost pasts, did you know that the closest living relative to the t-rex is…the chicken?

Now that’s a real come down. But at least we know what t-rex would have tasted like.

And possibly how they walked. Scientist put fake tails on chickens from birth to study their movement. 

Random thoughts like t-rex chickens always spark questions in me, which, in turn, spark ideas. What if? How about? Why?

And that is where stories begin. Like that flock of geese watching their pennies, stocking up on nesting material for the spring. Why not? It’ll be here any minute.

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