Apparently it’s a find-mold-on-the-last-corner-of-my-toast kinda day. True story. Just one ugly, insidious dot of mold. I didn’t see more on the rest of the loaf, but is it ever just one spot of mold?

That’s right, hypothetical reader. Never.

I’m working hard at not making it a broader metaphor, as it seems to have the metaphor right there, right on the surface, just like the mold, but not everything has to be a metaphor.

Right, hypothetical reader? Hypothetical reader??

And something just auto-renewed that I didn’t want. That’s mold number two for the day. Great.

Metaphor it is.

So I’m going to go try to undo that, and to hope for an unmoldy weekend ahead. There’s always the opportunity for a new loaf, right? A fresh new loaf of un-auto-renewed service?


That’s what I thought.

Oh well, you can’t unmold them all.

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