Earworm evolved


By Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust (http://www.maungatrust.org/news/default.asp) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Ever have one of those days when you have ideas in your head but none of them are yours? In my case, it’s a TV show from New Zealand. And in constructing that sentence, I realized I don’t know the adjective for describing something as from New Zealand. New Zealander? That’s awkward. I’ve heard “Kiwi” used, especially in reference to people, but that seems pretty informal and slangy.

Hold on a second. You know I have to know.

Yep. New Zealander. At least for people. Probably for objects as well, and after all that, I’m sticking with the original sentence construction. Ah, the inside of the head of a writer.

But I digress.

Where were we? Right. Other people’s ideas.

It’s a show about a New Zealand pub quiz team, but of course it’s not just about the quiz team. And I really like it.

And it’s occupying the space in my head that is usually reserved for my own weird thoughts. It’s a little bit like getting a song stuck in your head (I’m so, so sorry if that song you always get stuck in your head just popped right on in there at the mention), but with characters and plots. And it’s not even in the realm of my go-to genre, as it’s not the least bit weird.

So how to cleanse the brain? Aunty Ida would know, but right about now she’d be jumping in with a Kiwi accent. A bad one. And some g’days, even though that’s Australia, and lots and lots of “mates.”

Huh. Kiwi does work better.

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