#AtoZChallenge: Aaaaaand here we go!


Happy everything today, fellow (sister) intrepid bloggers! Somehow it’s April again. Somehow it’s time to kick off this odyssey called the A to Z Blogging Challenge, and I’ll tell you I’m sitting here with zero percent coffee in my bloodstream and I had the trouble spelling “odyssey” to prove it.

Coffee can wait. My first blog post can’t.

This is my fourth time around the alphabet, and I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. For some reason though, this year I’m nervous about making it all the way to Z.

Typo fingers just typed “A,” so apparently the anxiety runs deep. But on the plus side, it looks like I’ve already nailed that one!


Today is the day that I envy you blog-planners, with your posts all neatly lined up and ready to go. But not for me.


I like to ride the randomness of the day, see what each letter inspires as it comes. And here we go.

Oh, one more thing. Please feel free to leave a link to your day’s post or blog in the comments, it makes it easy for everyone to come see you.

And now we’re really off.

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28 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Aaaaaand here we go!

    • Didn’t you have a late start or something last year? I seem to remember you having to catch up, which is ALWAYS rough.

      Looking forward to seeing what you do this year! I’m going to eat and then I’m going blog hopping. I don’t even have to put on shoes 🙂

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    • Looking forward to checking it all out! I don’t know, coordinating for a blog DEFINITELY feels like a plan to me, but I won’t know what I’m writing about tomorrow until that cursor is blinking right at me! 😉


  1. Hey, you made it through the first day post. Good job. 🙂 I’ve only got half the month lined up. I need to get on that before April gets too crazy. Here’s to hoping for enough caffeine to carry us all over.

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  2. Last time I did this, I had it planned out. This time, I’m on the random train, too. My only cohesive thought is sorta kinda “life wisdom”. So I’ll be handing out advice – deep and shallow – for free all month!
    Can’t wait to follow your random train!
    #AtoZChallenge Doesn’t Speak Klingon on the master list.

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  3. Isa,

    I did the random thing my first year but it was too much. I certainly understand the thrill of the process, though. For me, I fair better having my post scheduled ahead which leaves me time for responding to comments and doing return visits. I shall look forward to your month-long random madness. It’s sure to be lots of fun. Happy A2Zing and thanks for visiting me yesterday.

    Y’all are invited to visit my all-in-one Mewsic, Sparks, & A2Z “B” post on Curious as a Cathy! 😉

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    • Oh I have it open! You have a point with the planning and the comments, I haven’t even started visiting yet today!

      Who knows, maybe next year I’ll plan it. That would be wild! 😉


  4. debscarey

    Blog planners eh? Oh how I yearn for the comfort of posts pre-written as last year 🙂 But this year’s challenge has those added layers and it has actually been really enjoyable, so far. As @breakerofthings says, we kinda, sorta, know where we’re going *and* we’ve the first week of posts scheduled. Still … it could all be a little frantic from here on in :O

    A-Zing this year at:
    Normally found at:

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    • I’m so looking forward to seeing how it all works out! Collaborating is a whole different thing all together…I wouldn’t trade my randomness, though I have a feeling envy will set in around O. 😛


  5. I only have an idea of what I want to do based on whatever theme I have chosen. Like you, the letter of the day often dictates the path I’m going to take while writing. I’m an improv performer (one of the things I am), so that kinda comes naturally: be in the moment, don’t pre-judge, let it flow, and say “Yes, and…”

    Thanks for stopping by. I will be checking your work out.

    Tale Spinning

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    • I like that approach (obviously!) Though much more of a challenge with fiction than my random thoughts.

      I’ve done some sketch comedy writing, but never improv. By the time I think of something, it’s too late, which could be funny in itself, but not the right way.


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