Back to basics


So often we get caught up in the further ends of things, the parts down the road, that we can forget if we don’t consider the basics, we’ll never even find the road. And it’s true for all aspects of life: for dealing with others; for our art, whatever form that might take; for this challenge.

Especially for this challenge.

Here we are, at the tippy top of of the alphabet, and it can feel as though Z is an impossible distance away. And you know what? Right now it is.


Back to basics. Post the post, visit your visitors, visit the the master list or the daily post list, and the days and letters will stack neatly like…you know, stuff that stacks neatly.

Eh, I had half-caff this morning. Apparently my metaphors reside in the other half.

It’s the same with writing, for those of us who do, and I imagine for you magicians who can make landscapes or people out of paint, or take a bit of fabric and suddenly it’s curtains. There’s a first sentence, there’s a first brush-stroke, there’s a first stitch.

And the remembering of all the technique, all the building blocks that must come first. Ah yes. Building blocks. They stack neatly. In theory.

When overwhelmed, always, always go back to basics. The road can wait.

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17 thoughts on “Back to basics

  1. Back to Basics. Good one. I’ve been online with WP this morning. Someone hacked in to my account trying to change the password and leaving likes with weird addresses. Not like any of those that read or follow normally. They are having a rash of it. Keep your basics covered.

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  2. Thanks for the advice. So many projects seem now so difficult, so lengthy, that we tend to feel overwhelmed. Now, besides A2Z, I have 2 urgent projects I had painfully delayed. I don’t know why, but now I feel motivated to go on with them. I know I’ll reach the deadline on time. Thank you! 🙂


  3. I’m trying! (I’m very trying, actually!) I am not finding the Challenge as easy as last year when you could just post your link in the comments and write a blurb. I have been doing the spreadsheet thing, but had hardly any visits so far and been having trouble choosing stuff that interested me in the long, long spreadsheet. However, I have visited back anyone who visited me. I found this via Twitter.

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    • I actually liked the spreadsheet, but I think twitter is also a good way to do it. I found it easy to visit a bunch of people on the sheet (but only the daily letter one!) I don’t know how many I’m getting from it, though, that’s true.

      Hopefully you’ll get some visitors from here!


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