So I considered writing about MAYkingItWork, the challenge I came up with last year for May, where we take something in progress that has stalled and we, well, make it work. But the truth is lining up another challenge right after this one seems like a little…much.


Maybe is around a lot these days. Maybe, maybe maybe. Do you feel that too?

Side note: as you probably know unless you’re new (hi new people!) I write my posts on the fly on the day of the letter. Well today some work in my building necessitated my getting the heck out of Dodge* (*Not the actual place where I live) at the crack of dawn. And where do you go under such circumstances?

Your parents’, when available.

So for the first third of this post, they were yelling back and forth to one another from the kitchen to dining room about the latest news about Michael Cohen. My mother said, incredulously, “TAXI MEDALLIONS?!” and my hopes for getting a sensical post posted kinda evaporated.

Which I think is both funnier and more interesting than “Maybe,” so we’ll end M with a morph to medallions and the unlikely people who hold them.

Have a great day off tomorrow!

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15 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. I learnt something new. Never heard of taxi medallions before but did feel sorry for taxi drivers who paid heaps for a licence to drive a taxi and then along came UBER. That is beside the point of course. This is obviously about something else which I can’t get my head around early on a Sunday morning.

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    • Yes, there was a huge protest here in Chicago when Uber joined the market, and I admit for that reason I waited a long time to use rideshare. The medallions are insanely expensive; there were other regulations and taxes to which they weren’t subject.

      But apparently the medallions are also a prime source for corruption! Which makes sense, it seems wherever there is money to be made, corruption follows.


  2. sarahbutland

    Maybe I am new here and maybe I’ll be back though, like everything it seems these days, the maybe depends on the my time and focus and motivation level (see

    Flying by the seat of our pants makes for an interesting outcome which is why I’ve dabbled in so many different genres and will continue to do so.

    Thanks for your post!

    And thanks for reading,

    Sarah Butland
    author of Sending You Sammy (children), Arm Farm (Adult), Being Grateful Being Thankful (self-help) and more! lol

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    • Well hi and thanks for stopping by!

      Absolutely it does, and I’ve learned in the last two years how events completely external to us can have such an affect on both time and motivation level…which is where the “Maybe” was probably going before my mother erupted in to spontaneous comedy.

      I look forward to checking out your posts!


  3. debscarey

    Ah yes, the days when a parental home are come & go at any & all times. Good times! 🙂 I have a feeling I’m being set up as the member of the next generation to provide such a locale to my siblings and their families. I’ll admit that I do like the idea, although they may need to have a key and learn to help themselves during the busy summer events season 😉

    PS: How the horrid head?

    A-Zing this year at:
    Normally found at:

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    • I say go for it! I think I’d love to flee to your house when necessary, it sounds like a wonderful place to be!

      Oh, and thanks for asking, it’s definitely better, I had a very quiet day yesterday and it seems to be working its way out. Thank goodness!

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    • Right?! I mean it made sense in context of Cohen, who seems to have had many, errr, “enterprises,” and none of them appearing to be law, but it DEFINITELY made for constrained writing!

      Luckily my mom is hilarious. 🙂


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