Yak in Tibet. By Dennis Jarvis via Wikimedia Commons

So I’ve known I was going to do yoga for Y since the beginning of the challenge. Look at me! Planning!

At the end of February of this year, I decided that I wanted to do yoga daily. It wasn’t a resolution or challenge. It was merely a choice. So most days, I get up and do a short practice on Gaia, where the practices stretch as far as the eyes can see. When I have more time, I do a longer practice later in the day.

I try different styles. I like the vinyasa yoga, the kind that flows from pose to pose, but I don’t limit myself to those practices. Sometimes I do yin yoga, which requires you to sit in a pose for a long time, to be still.

That, for me, is the most difficult.

Yoga is more than the physical movement; yoga shapes the mind as well as the biceps. As I mentioned earlier in the challenge, it’s helping me to let go of the idea of perfection. It’s teaching me to appreciate the body it I have for what it will do and what it will try to do. It’s shown me the vast universe inside of each of us.

It’s shown me that we can each form our own morning rituals, whenever we want them. It’s as easy as making a choice.

***EDIT: If you’d like to try a practice, here is a beginner one for free from Clara Roberts-Oss, one of my favorite instructors on Gaia! Free Practice on Gaia from Clara Roberts-Oss***

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28 thoughts on “Yoga

    • You know, I’ve never thought about it in those terms, because I like the flow aspect, but I agree on the warrior poses, especially Warrior II, but I also love Reclining Goddess.

      I also have a love-hate relationship with the shoelace pose with both knees bent…it can be divine!


      • @breakerofthings

        My friend believes that the eagle pose is not physically possible. He says this whenever we discuss yoga. That part of the conversation always ends when I show him how to do it – I’ve always liked the eagle pose :0)

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  1. Wow – you planned your posts?!! I wish I could be a good blogger and do that kind of stuff. I just got through “X” and am now pondering “Y”. I should do Yoga, I have been saying that for years. I need to get off my butt and start. Do you follow a video, or do you just know what to do?

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    • ONE post. I planned ONE post. And only what the word was, not the post itself! 😛

      Don’t worry, we’re still sisters in making it up as we go along!

      I do videos from Gaia.

      Here, you can do this one for free! Clara is one of my favorite instructors. I haven’t done this particular practice, but it’s for beginners. Rodney Yee is also good for a start. They have a whole category for beginners!

      Free Practice on Gaia from Clara Roberts-Oss

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      • Oh – you just planned the word, I was really fretting. Thanks for the video – that’s really nice!!. At least if I can do it in the confines of my own house, I don’t have to worry about issues with possible sphincter control failures (that’s my lame excuse for not going to a class).

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      • I really don’t like group exercise settings…You’ll love Clara, she’s fantastic, very, very clear and has a fun sense of humor!

        Also classes are SUPER expensive and take so much effort. I just pick a practice and roll out my mat.

        And yep, only a word!! An entire post?! NEVER!

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  2. I started doing yoga daily when I found the Sworkit app. You set the time, choose the level, and it takes you through a series of poses. I don’t have that app anymore, but it was helpful for getting me into the habit. Now I still do it daily, usually on my own, but I sometimes use Yoga with Adriene or Yoga by Candace.

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    • Someone else recommended Yoga by Candace, I’ll have to try her. I’m obsessed with Gaia right now because I love the instructors, but that app sounds awesome, especially when in a distant land! I swear, yoga helps. I mean it doesn’t cure everything, but it helps.


  3. debscarey

    My Mum was a yoga practitioner & her Dad before her. They’re both lithe and supple. Me – not so much. I did do pilates for a few years and so need to return. My knees hurt now, so there may need to be surgery before I can consider it. But I did feel oh so much better for it. And not just physically. I think all that breathing and concentrating on control and movement is good for switching off the overactive brain. Well done on incorporating a regular practice into your day.

    A-Zing this year at:
    Normally found at:

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    • Thanks so much, and how fantastic for your mom and grandfather! I do think it’s good to concentrate on flexibility while we have flexibility.

      I’m so sorry about your knee! It’s interesting, the times I’ve done Pilates, I definitely felt it in those muscles around the knee. You wouldn’t think so. But I totally agree, there’s something about that mind-body focus that really helps slow a runaway mind.

      If you want to branch out to yoga, there’s a free beginner’s practice in the post. Not sure if it will work on your side of the pond, but worth a try!

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  4. stelloej

    Loved this! I do yoga everyday and it really clears you mind doesn’t it? I would love it if you could leave me a like or follow me as I am trying to grow my account 🙂

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