This is a zorse. Well, technically it’s a hebra (hobra makes more sense I think) because it’s a cross between a female horse and male zebra. By Christine und David Schmitt (originally posted to Flickr as Zorse) via Wikimedia Commons

As in zero-hour. As in here we are, the very last letter of the alphabet. As in zipped through April and  the A to Z Challenge.

Granted, for me about half of April was a blur between two viciously-long persistent migraines. But it almost feels like a cut-scene in a movie, where I sat down to write A and now I’m on Z.

Time is weird.

But you probably already knew that.

Zero is such an odd word. It can mean nothing; it can mean a close examination with the mere use of a preposition (zero in); it can mean the end of something; it can mean a fresh start.

It can mean the number of blog visits I managed yesterday despite my best intentions. Still sorry, all.

Tomorrow’s really the day for a wrap up, so I’ll leave a little in the word reserve, but thank you everyone for visiting this month, even though I wasn’t at my most social. With a clearer head, hopefully will come a longer hop around the interwebs.

Zero days of April left, and only spring ahead. Thanks for sharing April with me, my non-hypothetical readers.

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19 thoughts on “Zero

  1. debscarey

    Oooooo … I’m first on this one. I’ve been frantically catching up in the hopping bit of the blog challenge, so you’ve made my day 🙂 Well done. Seriously. Well done. How you soldiered on through two migraines is beyond me. I found it a strain and I only had to do half …

    A-Zing this year at:
    Normally found at:

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    • Thanks, Debs! I feel like I failed a bit because I fell so behind on the visits, but I can still run around without the pressure. I’m impressed you’re covering all the missed ground!

      I have so much of your story to catch up on! I don’t even know where I left off. I’m so impressed you two managed to collaborate on such a big project with such consistency. And I still can’t believe I couldn’t tell who was who.

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      • debscarey

        I think it helped that we talked constantly – we may have burned out the Twitter DM messaging capacity! The main characters were ready formed at the beginning and the remainder were created to help us fit with the theme we’d picked, with whoever was leading the chapter when they first appeared setting the template for the other to follow. There was only one complete about face (before publication) in that Isaac started out life as another East Ender till David fancied him being from the West Country and I liked the idea of having a bit of fun with a different accent. When things got technical (in either scientific or engineering terms) it was clearly David, but otherwise I’m really pleased with how well we merged styles so that even David’s father didn’t always get us straight 🙂

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      • Now that’s a feat! And I feel better about not being able to tell. It’s so funny with characters, sometimes you don’t know who they are until you meet them properly. They always become who they’re supposed to be if you let them, in my experience! 😉

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  2. Who you calling non-hypothetical? What kind of language is going on here! Ok, maybe I zeroed in on that term, but it’s a good one that made me smile. Congrats on making it the end of the A To Z Challenge.

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  3. @breakerofthings

    Hey winner! Do remember that conversation we had about NaNoWriMo? That applies here too, in spades. As ever, a thought provoking posse of posts – I wish I could do the pantsing thing, with your skill and flair. I feel bad that I didn’t get round as many blogs as I would have liked, but I know for a fact that there are several that flaked out half-way through, and there are some which are just not very good. If it matters, you’re a winner; more importantly, you survived, again!


    #MAYkingItWork kicks off tomorrow, right?

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    • Thanks so much! I don’t know why I didn’t see this comment.

      Um…YES? Please see the May 1st post, she typed, barely able to stifle the evil laugh brewing.

      I appreciate the pantsing praise. If I try to plan things too much, they come out stilted. I think my brain works the idea too much, like a dough you need (knead) to let do its own thing.

      The daily posting is tough. I think you did a great job visiting! There are just so many blogs.

      OK, on to MAYkingItWork!

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  4. Hey, I’ve enjoyed this blog a lot; sorry about the migraines (my son gets them; not fun at all). There is no failure, in my book, as long as one tries. I’ve been bad at blog hopping myself. Life happens, and that’s that, really, in the end.

    Thanks for all the positive feedback you’ve given me. Always appreciated.

    Tale Spinning

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  5. Congrats on the completion of your journey this year! That picture, however, makes me sad. Talk about an identity crisis. I know, I know. Animals probably don’t have those, but how do we know what their body feels like inside when people mess around with their genes like that? Poor thing. Sorry. I’m an animal lover…

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    • Thanks and congrats to you too! I get what you’re saying, but it seems they’re closely related enough to breed…when bred the other way, they look like stripey horses. Nature is so interesting, things can look worlds apart but not really be…


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