Future Musings


Image by Jean Marc Cote [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

There were so many promises about the 21st century. Some we have, like the ability to see people when we call them, which, now that it’s here, is pretty anticlimactic. Some seem not too far off; space tourism comes to mind. And some–like my much-lamented robot butler–feel like fancy lies that will never materialize.

A fan of the show “Humans,” I probably shouldn’t much-lament the lack of a robot butler, as I should know better, but I digress.

There’s one futuristic item, though, I’m glad never made it into reality. Flying cars.

At first thought, they seem great. Lessen congestion because they move in three dimensions. Get anywhere at any time.


When you consider the reality, they’re a terrible idea. People have enough trouble with driving in two dimensions. Drunk car flying? Every high rise view blocked by a brand-new freeway? People darting between buildings as “short cuts?” The endless pollution?

No thanks.

That one’s a welcome disappointment. My robot butler, on the other hand…

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6 thoughts on “Future Musings

    • See, this is the thing I just don’t get. I would like a robot to make me tea and coffee and meals and clean. Basically I want Rosie from the Jetsons.

      I think they should watch Humans as a cautionary tale. And exactly, both horrifying aspects of the show.

      I’m so excited it will be back soon! It’s such a great show.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I agree! I mean one killed a woman!

      I just saw something today (weird, no?) after I posted about how flying cars aren’t cars, but planes or helicopters.


      Also I don’t know why they’re so in the zeitgeist.


  1. I love the way flying “cars” are depicted on Coruscant (Star Wars, prequel trilogy), but then there was one Doctor Who episode where flying cars were always in traffic jams, and dwellers in the lower levels of the city were subject to all kinds of horrible things like extreme pollution and poverty.

    And now, excuse me while I go check out what Humans is all about, and whether I want to watch it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was completely thinking about that episode! I love that one, even though it’s as stressful as sitting in traffic yourself. And there was that couple where one was a cat person and the other was human…great ep.

      You ABSOLUTELY want to watch Humans. You will love it. It’s SO GOOD.


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