Promptly blogging


So I’m going to blow of blogging today–or sort of blow off blogging today, given that I’m blogging right now about not blogging–and perhaps spend the normal blogging words working on a prompt from our friends Breaker of Things and Debs over at Fiction Can Be Fun.

It’s a good one this week, friends inclined toward writing, and I found inspiration nearly instantaneously. So on this gray and drizzly day (writing weather!) I’m going to delve into a little flash fiction.

What’s that, hypothetical reader? What about my #MAYkingItWork goals?

I can do more than one thing, hypothetical reader. Get off my case.

(I suppose that answers that question.)

Check out the prompt, like the title of the blog, it promises to be fun. Except Stu, who’s an A+ student and seems to have finished his already!


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