#MAYkingItWork Friday Update


Brace yourselves, MAYkers and non MAYkers alike. Brace yourselves. Are you braced in there nicely and tightly?


Progress has been made. More to the point, progress has been made by me. After my escape in the middle of the week, and after an extensive wrestling session with my cursor, I wrote yesterday. Words. 826 of them. Not my most productive word count day, but I’m back in it.

With a slight problem.

I’ve let it sit so long, I have no idea what’s happening in the broader story. The scene, sure. But the broader story, no. So I have to go back and reread everything I have so far. Nearly 70,000 words in.

So there’s that.

On the editing front, I just left that manuscript to come write this update. So it may have taken more than half the month to ummire me from the extremely sticky molasses of inertia, but I’m unmired.

And I have a little insight as well. Sometimes, if you take the break, if you get away from it, you can get to it.

How’s it going for you? Doesn’t Speak Klingon has a great update I’ve reposted in the comments!

#MAYkingItWork updates:

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11 thoughts on “#MAYkingItWork Friday Update

  1. As promised, here is Doesn’t Speak Klingon’s update!

    Doesnt Speak Klingon (@NotKlingonRed)

    Nice. I never made it to the Botanical Garden, but I’ve been to the Arboretum in … Lombard maybe? Someplace out that way. I’m currently looking forward to putting the digital world behind me for a bit.

    Today is my Friday, and I’ll be AFK for the next 4 days, so I’m tagging my MAYking it work comment here: I have decided that the play I wrote years ago shall turn into a story. I don’t know yet how to start it (a play just begins with the curtain rising!) but I already started writing a scene from the middle. It’s actually fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Misery loves company! Feel free to jump in, we update one another here on Fridays. If you want to blog about it, just post the link in your Friday comment, and I’ll add it to the post!

      Welcome aboard! Also try viewing some crab apple trees. It worked for me!


  2. Update, related to your “I can’t remember the broader story” theme. So, when I leaped into fleshing out the one-act play, I didn’t re-read the whole thing first. It’s here, in my computer, so no rush.
    Then, we left the country for a few days (blog post forthcoming) and my computer was at home. I had nowhere to go in that story because I can’t remember enough detail! But my writing notebook – with scenes from the play/book and the other novel/short story concept – was with me. While sitting in an international airport waiting for check-in to start, I actually fleshed out a reasonable concept for a plot for the novel!

    I gotta hand it to you: MAYking it work is really working for me. I love this no pressure thing, and yet, it’s motivating!


    • I’m SO GLAD!!! All the other challenges feel like they have so much pressure, and it can get wearing or intimidating.

      But that’s AWESOME. I definitely can’t move on without rereading myself! And the problem is of course I want to edit as I go.

      Way to use your down time, too. Also I can’t wait to hear about the trip!


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