#MAYkingItWork Wrap Up! Tomorrow: #AccountaClub


Well, that’s May. For some reason, this month went slowly for me, more slowly than the earlier part of the year.

And how did my #MAYkingItWork go?


I did make some progress, but not a ton of progress. Forward, but not far.

It’s still forward.

How about you? Life got in the way, in know, for some; inspiration struck for others. How was your May?

I enjoyed the experience of commiserating so much, tomorrow I’m launching #AccountaClub, a weekly post where I’ll talk about how my work is going and you can feel free to do the same, whether in a blog post or in a comment here! It will be ongoing, so feel free to participate as much or as little as you like, it’s as no-pressure as #MAYkingItWork.

AND, for those of us who like an official monthly challenge, our friend Donna B. McNicol at her eponymous blog (second time today I’ve used that word) will be launching #JUkNOWUCanDoIt!

So lots to keep us on track and unfrazzled in the month ahead.

Thanks for hanging with me in May. Hope to see you for #AccountaClub!

Here’s Donna’s final #MAYKingItWork Update!

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7 thoughts on “#MAYkingItWork Wrap Up! Tomorrow: #AccountaClub

  1. This week was slower, I must say. Probably because we actually moved from Beijing to Da Nang on Sunday, and there was a lot of unpacking and finding places and things to do.

    However, knowing we had a final #MAYkingItWork check-in today, and remembering the advice of EVERY WRITER EVER to just sit down and write, I sat down last night, pulled up the play for reference, and wrote out part of the scene following the one I fleshed out a couple weeks ago. That’s 2 scenes!

    I do feel that when all is said and done I will end up rewriting the whole thing instead of simply editing. I can’t seem to settle on a voice yet – I like third person, but the two main characters are vying for control of the narration. Maybe they’ll settle their differences in the ensuing scenes. In the play, one of the leads goes away and the focus is on the other one, but I think the story that enfolds on her separate journey might be more interesting? I have so many questions for myself!

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    • GO YOU!! You did more than I did this week and I didn’t move from BEIJING TO DA NANG!! You lead the most exotic life, I swear.

      Is it gorgeous there? Vietnam looks so beautiful, such a striking landscape.

      You know, you could try doing a split narrative and titling the chapters with the character’s name. I’d still stay out of first person if doing that (confusing) but in a firmly 3rd person limited. That way you could get both points of view out.

      I’d only do that, though, if there’s a good reason you need both sides, if that’s what’s driving the conflict.


      Hope you’re sticking around for #AccountaClub.


  2. May June be better for you. 🙂

    I actually finished the month with writing 3,500 words on the shared world story (up to 7k now). I did some editing, rewrites…and then at One am, I reread it, only to see all the glaring mistakes I had made. So…breakfast and patching up the holes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WOW, I’m so impressed with you! SEVEN THOUSAND WORDS! That’s a ton.

      I need to get going on mine.

      June is my month, I can feel it! Probably.

      Let’s hope. I can feel creativity looming.

      It’s odd how it ebbs and flows.

      I hope you’ll come by Fridays for #AccountaClub! Your updates are so motivating for me!


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