#AccountaClub and #JUkNOWUCanDoIt!


If you’re looking for the #MAYKingItWork wrap-up here you go.

Welcome to the very first #AccountaClub! First, a HUGE thank you to our friend Donna B. McNicol for somehow creating a logo consisting of the contents of my brain. Note, we didn’t discuss the contents of my brain.

She just knew.

Speaking of knew and other forms of that word, Donna is hosting #JUkNOWUCanDoIt this month over at her blog (link in the paragraph above or just click her logo below). It’s like #MAYKingItWork, in that it’s a no-pressure goal support group, only June-ier.

And now we’re back to #AccountaClub.

See how well they work together? What’s that, hypothetical reader? You don’t see because I haven’t explained #AccountaClub?

Right. You have a point.

So #AccountaClub is our Friday get-together where we talk about our week’s productivity. If you’re not a writer, that’s totally fine. Tell us how it’s going, whatever it may be! Take it as accountability or an accounting, depending on your week. Dealer’s choice!

Feel free to blog about it and drop a link in the comments so we can find your post (I’ll update the Friday post with your links) or just write a comment as long as you need. This is friendly, non-pressured support.

Just like #JUkNOWUCanDoIt! See what I did there? Swing by Donna’s for the full details. Why wait until next week? Feel free to start now! Happy commiserating!


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16 thoughts on “#AccountaClub and #JUkNOWUCanDoIt!

  1. Unfortunately, not everyone is outside enjoying summer. After a year of craziness I think I have reached a juncture where I can begin again with some of my best old intentions. This might be just the thing to help me stay the course.

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  2. I take meds that make me nauseous with too much direct sunlight. OK, yes…I am a Vampire. Vlad was/is my Great Great Great Uncle. We love hanging around together.

    Anyways, I’m also compulsive once I start something that others need/want from me. Not bragging, but after I wrote what I did yesterday on your blog, I actually banged my head on the wall and did another editing, deleted a bit, and then wrote another 900 or so words. I’m now up to 7864 words on my 50/50 story…and I have probably another 2K or so before I can type 86.

    I guilted…uh…asked a friend into being a beta reader/mini editor already, and she has the above-mentioned edit which she will tear it apart, sacrifice it to the demon of writers BookABub, and then make me rewrite the whole damn thing. Fun.

    Oh look: butterflies. Look at all the pretty colors.

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    • OK, now you’re just showing off!

      That’s FANTASTIC! I’m extremely impressed, and even more impressed you went back in! Look at you, getting stuff done but with an exclamation mark!

      So awesome.


      • Question for you: would you deign me the privilege of reading the story? I’ll be getting editing remarks from my friend (as mentioned above) and then correct/rewrite/etc by the end of this coming week. So, not until later in the week, unless I go more nuts and finish it faster. Since David is really busy with Debs on their WIP, I’d like another set of eyes. I haven’t read much on the site he set up. Pretty please with Vampire Bites on it?

        If you can’t, don’t worry. Don’t want to stress anyone out. I’ll just be in my crypt, sobbing.



      • Stu, I’d love to, but I’m swamped right now. I’ve got an novel I’m trying to edit, a book to finish and I have to do my 50/50…maybe a bit down the road? With the novel editing, the only voice I have room for in my head is my own, and your story will end up sounding like me!

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  3. Hello Accountaclub! Thank you for helping keep me on task throughout this brand new process I’m doing! I have made a little chart in my planner where I have to mark off that I did some writing every day in June.

    I wanted to write a scene, but don’t have the beginning yet, just some bullet points for the first steps of it, so for things like that, I find it’s easiest to write in my notebook, and after I get the missing pieces figured out, I’ll create a word document. Yes, for now I’m just using Word. Because I’m writing the random scenes in no order, I’m keeping them as discrete files, and I can smash them together in order later.

    This current scene that I’m jotting in my notebook seems lengthy but I know it’ll be shorter in type than in handwriting. Also, it’s a bit tricky to visualize because the storyline gives it a week to play out, so I may have to do an outline. I am really enjoying this process!

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    • Yay! Look at you being all organized!

      I always write in word. I’ve only used other software for something like screenwriting, word has everything you need!

      Timelines can be so helpful! I always end up with scrawled notes, too, because some things you just have to see visually.

      I’ll have to see how that works now with the pen for the computer, though.

      So impressed with your progress and commitment!


  4. debscarey

    I am – tentatively – holding up my hand. Why tentatively? Well, let’s just say ‘cos the month of May & I were total strangers in the world of words. I *need* to change that situation – and pronto – for it is making me extremely frustrated and grumpy. Himself has so far borne the brunt of it, but I fear it could spread wider if it goes on much longer …

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