Monday Fire


So it’s Monday, and the real world has already intruded, igniting that anger fire deep inside. I’m upset for same-sex couples who can be the target of self-righteous bigotry, thanks to the Supreme Court.

I have no problem with people living as they wish to live (if it’s truly how they wish to live, but that’s a whole other set of issues generally pertaining to women in highly religious environments) but I do have a problem with intruding on other people’s quality of life. Why do so many people derive such joy by making other people miserable?

It’s a mystery I’ll never solve.

It’s a beautiful day today, but despite a yoga practice focusing on “bliss,” I’m very unsettled. Maybe it’s too much coffee this morning; maybe it’s too much of this country crumbling like a soggy cliff into a churning, warming sea.

I need to snap back into worlds of my own making, I have so much editing to do and it’s slow, slow going, word by painstaking word. It takes the concentration that’s seething elsewhere.

But such is life. The world continues to turn, even if it feels like it’s wobbling on its axis. The times are what they are, we can only do so much to control or change that.


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7 thoughts on “Monday Fire

  1. “As a Plumbing Artist, I do not have to fix that Jewish family’s toilet. I am preserving my right to not lend my artistic rights to those who killed the Savior. God bless.”

    That’s where we are heading back to. Sad place, this world.

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