Wednesday and the Red Vine Cleanse


Well it’s all kinds of Wednesday just Wednesdaying it up, if you know what I mean, and you probably don’t, because I’m not entirely sure myself. It’s a bit of a mood and a bit of an early start. And I’ve been on a four day Red Vine cleanse.

Or that’s what I’m calling my obsessive eating of Red Vines since I found a tub of them at the supermarket (a huge tub. Like if were made of glass, it’s what they would have sold Red Vines out of at the old-fashioned candy store). Obviously I deeply regret my decision to buy them and even more so my inability to keep my hand out of the jar, even though I put them somewhere high and thought I’d be deterred by having to stretch and reach for them.

Says the woman who does yoga every morning.

So that might have been a hitch in the plan.

The temps have cooled considerably, and it’s almost as though we’ve had all our summer in a week, which immediately brings to mind that heartbreaking Ray Bradbury short story, “All Summer in a Day.”

(Go find it and read it if you must, but I warn you, it’s pure paper cuts to the heart. What a writer.)

Though getting up early didn’t agree with me at the time, it seems to agree with me now, I feel sharp and clear. Maybe because it’s chilly in here. No gentle warmth to lull me back to sleep.

So I shall strike while the striking is hot. Or chilly.


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4 thoughts on “Wednesday and the Red Vine Cleanse

  1. I never knew them as Red Vines. They were just twizzlers as far as I can remember. The name makes sense, but the first time I heard it I had no idea what the heck Red Vines were.

    I love Bradbury. I think I read everything he had published throughout my teens and early twenties. Still think The Martian Chronicles is one of the greats.

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  2. I’ve only had Twizzlers, not Red Vines. There’s a TBBT episode in which Sheldon carries on about the difference between the two. Hoping your cleanse is leaving you feeling [ready for it?] in the pink!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha!! Honestly, it probably left me a little green around the gills, but god of all sweets help me, I just can’t quit ’em.

      You MUST, I am telling you, MUST conduct your own comparison. Red Vines are like flavorful leather manna.

      Liked by 1 person

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