#AccountaClub Friday and #JUkNOWuCanDoIt! June 22, 2018


Well, it’s that time again, our regular #AccountaClub Friday here and week 3 of #JUkNOWuCanDoIt!, the carry-on from #MAYkingItWork over at Donna McNicol’s blog. I don’t see her update posted yet, but it’s been a tough week for everyone, and hopefully she’s doing well.

So, if you don’t know, Fridays we gather to talk about how our work is going, whatever work that may be. I’ve been editing a manuscript; if you’ve been here at all this week, you probably can guess, given what is happening in the US right now, my attention was…elsewhere.

I did manage my political column, so at least there’s that, but that’s not a surprise, of course, in the context of the above.

How about you? How did it go? And if it’s “badly,” as did mine, that’s fine too.

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4 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday and #JUkNOWuCanDoIt! June 22, 2018

  1. Hey, sorry you have had a bad week. But congrats on getting some productive work done. I hope next week will be much better for everyone.

    I did so, so this week. A blog post every day and I have one scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday. Total word: 835. That is more than last week. I have also been doing some research and am setting up my schedule to start revising my WIP beginning in July.

    Small steps forward. 😊

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    • Good for you! I’m glad you did well this week, that’s fantastic. And a daily blog post is awesome, sometimes (as is obvious from my posts this week) it’s tough.

      And CONGRATS on the steps on the WIP, that’s always the trickiest bit.

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  2. Yes, it has been a crazy week. I keep reminding myself that we haven’t lived here even a month yet, so I can’t know everything! Our phones died yesterday because we didn’t have them registered to our passports – a new Vietnamese law that we just found out about – and I expect more of these situations.
    I missed one day of writing and had two days with small levels of writing productivity, but I’m progressing in reading the first book as “research” for a different genre of writing, so that’s still progress.

    I did a word count, and I’m over 21,000, with all of the scenes from the script entered and fleshed out a bit, and a few extra scenes. I still have a bit more to finish the story. I know word counts don’t really matter in this age of digital publishing, but it will probably be a short story. Hopefully a good one! At least I’m solidifying whose story it really is – I was split earlier on who was the protagonist. I’m really having a lot of fun writing this. It seems that if I sit down to write, I can find something to add to it. Let’s see how it goes when I get to editing.

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    • That’s fantastic.

      Also the rule about the phones is odd, I don’t think I would have, in a million years, thought about something like that.

      21,000 is GREAT! I’m glad you figured it out, sometimes surprises like that are the best part.

      And don’t think about editing now, thinking about it now is your enemy. It’s a sabotager. Just write; that piper can stay outside the gates until you’re good and ready!

      I think your progress given everything is pretty impressive!


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