Open Tuesday, insert thoughts.


And it’s Tuesday. Tuesday, Tuesday.


That’s such a weird word. Of course, any word is weird when you say it enough. No doubt there’s a word for it. And my temporary laziness lost out to my ever-present curiosity.

Not a word, a phrase: Semantic satiation. Constant repetition makes the word lose meaning, reducing the words to mere sounds. Huh.

Makes you wonder if that’s true for other things as well, for ideas, for world problems. Repeat anything enough and it will lose the sticky web holding it together.

Who knows.

I also didn’t realize I was this philosophical today. I clearly haven’t had enough coffee, my brain is in some kind of idling thought mode. Kick it up a notch, brain, much thinking ahead.

Maybe I should make more coffee. But it feels awfully far away.

I slept oddly last night, with the hours seemingly packed with strange, detailed dreams. I say “seemingly” because apparently, as long as dreams feel to us while we’re dreaming them, they’re very brief, minutes.

I’ve said it before, time is weird.

My coffee maker is singing its siren song, assuring me that one more will only help, it won’t hurt at all.

I’ll make it a half-caff, I promise, as we Tuesday on with our Tuesday things.

Definitely semantic satiation.

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