#AccountaClub Friday July 6, 2018


It’s another week down, friends! And I mean down, because it wasn’t great. No political piece again, but that’s because I started writing one yesterday and just couldn’t get it to work.

And then I realized I had a migraine.

So I may revisit that one today and see if it’s salvageable. Migraine writing is interesting, it usually sounds like I’ve dropped to writing at a third-grade level. So we’ll see.

I’ve made a little planning progress in a group project I’m involved in, I need to do some more background research, but I can feel the story idea percolating in the background as I go about everything else. Anyone else work that way? It’s like my subconscious is constructing it and I have nothing to do with it, I only need to feed it some facts.

No editing, but given the migraine situation, I think we can all agree that’s for the best as it would leave me with more to undo rather than anything done.

So that’s me this week. How about you?

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7 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday July 6, 2018

  1. Yikes! Hate migraines. So sorry you are suffering.

    Nothing spectacular this week. The everyday posting goal is still intact, completed a critique, almost finished reading a craft book and logged 17 hours in my re-write process. Slogging ahead.

    Best of luck to you in the coming week.

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  2. Yes, with a migraine, I think it sounds wise to NOT edit!

    I have done character analyses for all the major characters, and I’m reading a book that comes into play in the story, to understand what’s going on. Plus, I started reading “Plot and Structure” by James Scott Bell. Some things he recommends, I’m happy to say, I do instinctively. But I’m also getting some really good ideas. Now I want to take some scenes and rewrite them from a “what if” perspective: What if the character responded this way instead?

    I think I’m getting a cold, so I’m doing less, but I can still tick “book” off my list each day.

    Oh, and I sent the big fight scene to a couple people “to see if I can write conflict” and so far, so good! They believe the fight and the characters.

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    • That all sounds so awesome, except for the cold part, I hope it doesn’t last long or fully develop. I’m sure you’re tired with all you’ve been doing!

      You are doing so well with it all! What if are the best words, everything can come from what if…

      And how awesome that the scene works!


  3. Ah, so now this is turning into #accountableillnessclub. I can play along with that!! 🙂

    I had a hangnail, my toes hurt, the big storm on Tuesday made my knees hurt (arthritis), and phone calls with NYS Health gave me a huge tension headache.

    As to writing, only a drabble. But a good drabble, as it were. One that I shall proudly hang high from my drabble flag post.

    Give me drabble, or give me a chocolate egg cream!!!


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