Mellow Tuesday? Ha!

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Am I less frazzled than yesterday?


Still trying to get a bunch of stuff done. And still trying to do it all at once. And this may be where all that yoga can prove helpful.

To slow down. To be in this exact moment when all I need to focus on, all I need to do is this blog post. Only the other part of my brain is doing that banging on the fish tank thing: “Uh, HELLO? What about the software you have downloading on another device right now? Don’t you need to see about it? And how about the laundry, huh? THE LAUNDRY. Forget your pesky words. LAUNDRY.”

That glass tapper sure loves to think about laundry.

If the meditations have taught me anything, it’s that I’m supposed to be able to recognize those thoughts, acknowledge them, and let them go.

But the letting them go is so much harder than it should be, when I could just, you know, get them done. Well, not the laundry, the laundry is a process, but you get the idea.

I will take a moment to breathe, yoga taught me that, too. And ah, that’s better.

Part of the problem of life is this desire to make the stress go away, to tame it, to control it. But we can’t do any of that; stress is a wild beast that always finds a way in.


The only thing we can change is how respond it it. Huh, maybe I’ve learned something from that yoga after all. Now, about that laundry…

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8 thoughts on “Mellow Tuesday? Ha!

  1. Years ago I took a continuing education class on stress management offered through a hospital wellness center in which I learned exactly your conclusion about stress. Best to make friends with it ‘cuz it ain’t going away in your lifetime.

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  2. I’m not one to advise about stress right now, because I live at the beach, with no real job to speak of.

    However, I have many thoughts on laundry! I stopped thinking of it as a process, and more as a few – actually very small, quick – tasks. Laundry in washer – about 3 minutes, tops, including collecting towels etc. Changing it to the dryer and/or hanging it up – about 5 minutes. Fold and put away might take 7-8 minutes, more for a big load. If you look at it that way, there are big chunks of time between steps that you can tackle other things – like bills, or blogs.

    Enjoy your soft warm towels!

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    • Aw thanks!

      It’s true, breaking it up sounds so much easier! I have to use the laundry room in the building, so it always seems like such a hassle…but it’s totally true, it’s all in how you look at it.

      Still YOU LIVE AT THE BEACH!! Now that’s amazingly fantastic. How gorgeous.


      • At our apartment in Indianapolis, the laundry rooms were spread through the development, none actually within a residence building, so it was always a walk. That added a couple minutes to each trip. More, if the first room you tried didn’t have a free machine! Here, the machine is on the floor between our 3rd floor apartment and the 5th floor terrace, so I usually check if it’s free as I come home after coffee, so it doesn’t really add too much time.

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      • That’s awesome!

        We have a dedicated laundry room in the floor above the lobby, and it’s always busy! ALWAYS!

        I constantly think if I could have a washer/dryer in my unit, life would be easier, but it’s an older building, so you gain things and lose things.

        OK so I am adopting your attitude!

        Laundry will no longer be a process but a series of tasks. AND if I put them each separately on my list, I get to cross them each off, too!


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