#AccountaClub Friday, July 13, 2018


accountaclub-woodWell hello #AccountaClub friends! And new friends! Did we decide on a name? AccountAbles? Other? Ideas very welcome.

So here we are at another Friday, and my week has been pretty hectic, which you likely know if you’ve been coming by. Not much writing done, but a lot of prep blogging, including this post.

Why, you ask, my dear hypothetical reader?

I’m taking a technology break! Yep.

Or let’s call it a technology diet. A skinnying if you will.

I hope you will.

Anyway, starting today, and for the next little bit, I will be spending less time with technology. I’ll try to pop in to chat on the comments (now you know why it’s not a fast, but hey, baby steps.) And I have something fun scheduled for you while you’re not getting my daily thought dump.

So let’s see how well I do. I think it’s going to be relaxing, but who knows!

How did your week go?

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5 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, July 13, 2018

  1. AccountaBloggers? Just a thought.
    I’ve been so tired, knocked back a bit by a minor illness. No biggie. I actually let other things go before writing… but then, I count reading about writing as a writing task, so there were a couple days when that was it. I’m settling into the review and adding details. I now have “what if” alternative chapters for the entire second half.

    I think I’ll abandon the idea I had for the other book. The one in a different genre? I give that to my husband to play with if he wants. He may turn it into a short story. I’ve actually had another idea for a different lead character with a different story to follow. That would be a better second book, I think. A lot of ideas flowing. More ideas than work, tbh.


  2. Prep work is important and not to be discounted. You have to feed the subconscious.

    This week was ho-hum, more of the same. A new story for the blog each day. I am getting into the habit it seems. Also my muse has informed me I am writing a piece to submit to a contest. (WHAT??) I am sunk now as it is 1/3 written. Hope to finish it today so I can begin to edit/rewrite and second guess myself. Total word count is 40% more that last week. Progress on the edit/rewrite of the WIP is slow going.

    Best of luck to you on the technology diet.


  3. Something is keeping me away from my two larger projects. Not sure why, but it’s there. Festering. I did write two (three?) prompt pieces on my blog, so there is that. I’m just stressed with too many other things.

    I like AccountaBloggers (from Klingon, above)


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