Scale is weird.


Glacier Bay, Alaska. How incredibly beautiful is that?!

So I’m starting to see the beauty in blogging ahead. It took a lot of prep before I left for my amazing trip, but having the posts just quietly post by themselves was really fantastic.

Though, it’s pretty difficult to be spontaneous and talk about what’s happening now when planning ahead, and that’s kinda the thing here, so there’s that. Still, it’s good to keep in mind for future reference.

And speaking of beauty, how gorgeous was Glacier Bay? It was difficult to believe it was July, it was coat and hat and gloves weather. Sweet, clean air with that edge of coolness to it.  Refreshing, inside and out.

We couldn’t get off the boat in Glacier Bay, and it was tough to see just how big these glaciers are. Here’s a picture with a cruise ship for scale; I’m not sure it’s the same glacier, I’d have to do some forensic time matching, as the pic above is from my phone. Which is an excellent wide-angle lens.

I think it’s the same one.

Scale is something I had much time to think about way out there, where everything is huge and we are so tiny. Where even an enormous cruise ship looks like a dot. Where you can’t judge the distance, and all you can do is take in the view.

Things can feel smaller than they are; things can feel larger than they are; and all of that is relative to something else entirely. Usually us.

See what I mean? Would you believe me if I told you there were kayakers in that shot?

So I guess what I’m saying is sometimes things really are the glacier. Sometimes they’re the cruise ship.

But mostly, almost always, they’re the kayakers.

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4 thoughts on “Scale is weird.

    • Isn’t it? One of the glaciers was actually a mile across (I’m not sure if it’s the one with the cruise ship, post experience, it’s tough to keep the glaciers straight!) but you just could tell.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! And FANTASTIC! It was still pretty hot in Vancouver (about 80, so normal summer weather) but Alaska was definitely cooler and just stunning in every direction. I highly recommend it, though it’s a haul for you currently 🙂


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