Manic Monday

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Did you know Prince wrote that song (“Manic Monday”), famously performed by The Bangles? Such an amazing talent, and such a sad loss. Not sure why I have Prince on the brain today, but there he is.

It’s been a packed several days as I continue to help clear stuff from my parents’ house, an archaeological adventure in many ways. It’s amazing the amount of space you gain when you clear out the junk. I think I’m going to try it here, to sort through the accumulations you just don’t notice and you stop seeing.

I think that’s true for us, too, on the inside. We could have so much more room if we cleared out the junk, if we dug through the layers and got to the messy, dusty bits wedged in the corners. Yoga, I find, helps with that; clearing bit by bit, making more space to breathe.

Which is a little ironic, given how much the dust makes me sneeze. Can’t say for internal dust, though I’d guess it does as well. I mean, it makes sense.


Anyway, I’m off to make space, physical and perhaps metaphorical. Hope you have a good Monday.

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