AccountaClub Friday, August 24, 2018


accountaclub-woodNo beating around the blog today, it was not an effective week for me. There was still a whole bunch of clearing at my parents’ house, immediately followed by a migraine that announced itself with words I didn’t intend to type to appearing on the screen. Like “offense” instead of “defense.”

So if you’ve noticed any language oddities this week, that’s probably why.

“Probably” because sometimes, for me, the oddity is baked right in.

I’m sure the crazy amount of news this week didn’t help, with convictions, guilty pleas, and so many people granted immunity. The brain can only hold so much.

Or mine, at least, can only hold so much.

So that’s me. I’m hoping for better next week, and trying to take things where they are.

Physically, though, it’s been great. I’m completely into Daily Burn; I even ditched the Amazon channel, which didn’t update regularly and skipped an entire week of workouts, and signed up directly with Daily Burn. It costs a little more but the opportunity to do the live workout in the morning makes it worthwhile. I highly recommend it, it’s a really fun program, it changes every single day, and it’s only 30 minutes of work.

How was your week?

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8 thoughts on “AccountaClub Friday, August 24, 2018

  1. I might have to look into Daily Burn. I need to increase my cardio. I do yoga every morning, and usually end up walking at least a 5k a day, but I’m out of shape, nonetheless.

    For me, the writing is going well. I’m getting back into a routine, sort of, so that helps. Unfortunately, my planner weeks are Monday-Sunday so I can’t really give an “I met my word goal” post, but I’m amazed to say I could possibly make 7,000 words this week! I have also set a timed goal for research, and I have almost 2/3 of that met. Considering the relocation, I’m pretty proud of myself.
    I’m treating writing like it’s my job because I intend it to be, and the voice work is less frequent now. Now if only I could establish a blogging schedule!

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    • Honestly, you’re doing AMAZINGLY well. Really, I’m SO IMPRESSED with you. You’re killing it! PLUS the move. How’s the new place?

      I LOVE DAILY BURN. LOVE IT. And it’s available globally, both on its website and on Amazon. I’m not sure what time the live workout would be where you are, it’s 9 am eastern. But it’s 30 minutes, it’s tough, and it’s great. I agree, I ADORE the yoga, but it’s just not enough.

      I’ve actually swapped them, Daily Burn in the morning, yoga as a treat/break in the pm.

      And it’s weird, walking, unless it’s a serious walk where I’m concentrating on my pace, just doesn’t do it for me either.

      But man, are you kicking some rear end!! PLUS A MOVE. Awesome week.


  2. debscarey

    My writing is still the loser in the too much-stuff-on-the-to-get-done pile. I am not happy about this. I’ve managed to keep up with weekly blogs on Despatches, but the slack on FCBF is being picked up by my co-host and by other writers. I have a big writing grove to get back in to.

    On the life coaching marketing/niche/branding side – there’s been some good progress made, but whilst I took two good steps forward on Friday, the weekend means I’ve both taken a backward step and have lost the flow. I’m grateful the summer’s military shows are over so I can focus on my stuff. Himself has been told it’s my time for a while now; let’s see how well that goes.

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    • It’s so easy to put the writing off, I completely understand. And you have so much going on with launching a business, sometimes you just have to choose a few things and focus. I think that’s reasonable.

      But good work on the blog posts! They can be very tricky.


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