I don’t wanna.

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Do you have that little voice in your head, too? The one who, when faced with a task, even a not-unpleasant task, says, “I don’t wanna?”

My I don’t wanna is throwing a huge tantrum today. Huge.

I woke up very groggy, but still managed to do my Daily Burn 365 live workout. I wasn’t sure I could, I felt heavy and like my limbs were still in bed, but all of a sudden I was doing it then sweatily all of a sudden later I was done.

But as I stood there waiting to get started, that voice greeted me. I don’t wanna.

And I shut that brat down.

One of the things I’ve gotten from yoga–and by now, you know I’ve gotten a lot–is that our thoughts are just thoughts. We can think they’re reality, but they aren’t, necessarily.

(As an aside, if you’re curious, this comes from Bernie Clark and his yin yoga classes. I don’t think it’s this practice specifically, but here’s a free beginner yin class to try.)

So that voice can say I don’t wanna. It can scream it, it can pound its tiny little fists, it can stomp its internal voice feet.

But we don’t have to listen. We can acknowledge it and do it anyway. There are so many obstacles in life, we don’t have to be our own.

Guess what else that voice didn’t wanna do?

This post.

And here it is. You show that little voice what’s what today.

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