Monday and Hummingbirds


I got out for a bit at the Chicago Botanic Garden yesterday, and happened across a slew of flowers. And some of those flowers bobbed and ducked completely independently of any breeze.

There were hummingbirds. Not even sure how many hummingbirds, because they moved so quickly, darting into flowers, resting in the trees for what were seconds for us, probably an eternity for a hummingbird.

And of course I didn’t bring my real camera.  But at least I had my cell phone.

There’s something magical about them, those tiny, tiny birds, hovering. And they made this little noise, someone else watching them compared it to a chipmunk, as they excitedly drank from the flowers.

And I’ll think about those hummingbirds as I take on one of my least favorite tasks, twice a year.

The dentist.

Wish me and my teeth luck.

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