#AccountaClub Friday, September 14, 2018


accountaclub-woodBoy, am I late today with the #AccoutaClub post, AccountAbles! I swear my reasons are good. I’ve been following the news, and today might prove historic in two different directions. It’s tough to look away from historic.

Which could sum up most of my Getting It Done issues.

So it’s going to be a quick one today, I have much gawking to do.

Editing is getting onto an even keel, I think. Could I have done more? Always. But is the manuscript getting better? I hope so, I guess I’ll find out the next time though. I’m solving some puzzles I have with the story, so I think that’s always a plus.

Workout wise, very solid week. I did the live Daily Burn workouts every morning, though not through any particular effort. My body just woke me up even when I didn’t want to be awake. Too bad, it said, you’re up, might as well do it.

And so I did. I definitely struggled with some of the classes this week, I don’t feel that I crushed it, but I did do it, so there we go.

How about you?

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4 thoughts on “#AccountaClub Friday, September 14, 2018

  1. Good for you on both counts! I think at some point I had the lofty goal of writing and editing at the same time, but … no. I got nothing. I seem to have hit my stride at meeting 6,000 words a week, but that usually includes pushing it on Sunday. (my week starts on Monday.)

    However, 6,000 won’t be enough when I do NANOWRIMO this year! So I’m trying to push through to 7,000 this week. I feel like I’m training for a marathon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WOO HOO! You’re doing NaNo?

      I never decide until October 31!

      Still, 6000 is a LOT. I still haven’t figured out the writing/editing balance. That’s a tough one. If anyone has tips, I’d take ’em!

      Still AWESOME!


    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Posts can be posted any time.

      I’ve decided I’m blogging for me, so if people come by, that’s awesome, if people don’t, that’s fine too.

      But I hope you had the MOST AMAZING BIRTHDAY ever!


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